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From the Field to the Cup - Tasting Notes

Here at Bridge Coffee Co, we are committed to bridging the gap from the field to the cup.  It is our mission to build relationships at every step in the process. We have a commitment to quality because we truly enjoy great coffee.  Tanner Sheffield explores how every step of the process affects coffee we all love to drink.

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Let's share a story from our producers in Brazil - Translated

OUR FAMILY is been involved with coffee for many generations, not as landlords, but as coffee pickers. Nowadays, in a history of overrun we own a vertically integrated model company that goes from the coffee farms (growing, harvesting, drying, high-tech milling and sorting facilities),passing to our exportation company(Cafe Campos Altos-Coffee Export) goes to a importation company called Our Coffees which has office-lab and warehouses based in Walnut Creek - CA - USA.

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Is America's Best Cold Brew Coffee made in Yuba City, CA?

Here at Bridge Coffee Co., we love our cold brew and have put together the winning combination. Just to prove it, we are competing with the best roasters in the US to find out who has America's Best Cold Brew. Is America's best cold brew coffee made in Yuba City? Well, we are going to find out October 13-15 in Portland, OR at CoffeeFest! Bridge Coffee Co. was selected as one of the 16 finalists to compete head-to-head in the Nitro Division for the best cold brew in America. We would have to say, our cold brew is pretty amazing, and our customers would agree. Now we get to share it with the United States! For both the Nitro and...

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