Specialty Coffee And Its Benefits: A three part series Pt3

Part III

For several people, their day begins with a cup of coffee. This is, in most cases, what jolts their body into action at the start of the day. If you have a routine of always taking at least a cup of coffee in the morning, you are not alone. Around the world, the coffee industry is one of the most important industries that get people going in the morning and help their productivity.

The coffee brands you love so much get their coffee beans from tropical regions all over the world. These coffee brands go to great lengths to get you that exact coffee flavor that keeps your efficiency and energy level high through the course of the day.


Why Specialty Coffee?

Throughout the entire growing process for the specialty coffee beans, there is premium care and attention just to preserve the unique aroma and keep the taste intact. The quality of the specialty coffee sets it aside from the rest of the coffee family. Whether green beans or roasted beans, you are sure to savor the quality of life that the coffee can deliver.

As the final consumer of this coffee, you hold the key to upholding and maintaining the coffee

quality. Asides from the great taste and the amount of work that is required to produce specialty coffee, you enjoy several health benefits when you take specialty coffee.


Specialty Coffee

We all love a particular brew of coffee. These brews of coffee can fit right into two broad categories: Specialty coffee and commercial coffee.

From your average consumer standpoint, the immediate major difference between commercial coffee and specialty coffee is the packaging. Commercial coffee is an instant-grounded coffee that comes in a to-go package. It could be a tin bottle or an enclosed plastic container. On the other hand, specialty coffee comes in the coffee bean form. You can get it in 12 oz to one-pound bags or in bulk where you will still need to grind and brew it yourself.

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