How to do a Pour Over | Brew with the Porcelain ORIGAMI Pour Over Dripper

How to do a Pour Over

Brew with the Porcelain ORIGAMI Pour Over Dripper

The ORIGAMI dripper Available now from Bridge Coffee Company.

  • The Origami holds the Kalita #185 or (preferred) Hario #2 Filters
  • Suggest a ratio of 14:1
    • 340gm of 202f water 
    • 24 gm of Coffee
  • Table salt fineness for a grind
  • Gooseneck Kettle (if available)
  • Scale accurate to at least 1gm
  • Timer

Place your cup on the scale
Place the wood base on your cup
Place the porcelain Origami into its wood base
Insert the filter into the Origami
(Pre-wet the filter is optional)
Add your ground coffee to the filter
Start timer
Pour 40gm of water over the dry coffee to "bloom"
Wait 45 seconds
Add 150gm of water in a circular motion, wetting all of the coffee grounds
When most of the water has dripped out, repeat with another 150gm of water
If your coffee is ground to right coarseness, your total time until you don't see standing water on the top of the coffee bed, should be between 4:00-4:30 minutes.


Get the ORIGAMI Pour Over Dripper 

Get the ORIGAMI Pour Over Dripper 

Beautiful porcelain pour over with multiple folded sides to allow air to escape as your fresh coffee from Bridge Coffee Co. drips into your favorite mug.

Origami Dripper. You can get your Origami Pour Over Dripper right here. Where can you order the Origami Dripper with base? On the Bridge Coffee Co. website.

The vertical gutters of ORIGAMI drippers are designed for the perfect extraction speed - not too quick yet not too slow. Multiple gutters secure the air passage between the ORIGAMI dripper and the paper filter which regulates the brew time to enable the extraction with the perfect steeping time.

Get the ORIGAMI Pour Over Dripper 

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