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Third What? part one

What is the "Third Wave" of Coffee? You may be asking yourself, "there is a third wave of coffee? I wasn't aware there was a first, let alone, a second wave?" If someone asked you what specialty coffee was, how would you respond? Did you know that there is such a thing as 'Specialty Coffee'? BRIDGE COFFEE CO. is a craft, micro-roaster, of high-grade, Specialty Coffee that is sourced as close to the farm as possible. This is done with respect to the entire supply chain of coffee, from farm-to-cup. In some respects, this is my definition (or example) of the Third Wave of coffee. At least, BRIDGE is my contribution to the culture and community of coffee and the third wave. To acknowledge...

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Can Decaf Coffee Taste Good?

Well, of course it can! There are a couple of things that really matter when it comes to developing and enjoying a good cup of coffee, and this is as true for regular coffee as it is for decaf: Select a good quality, high altitude grown, well developed green coffee. Take great care of the high grade decaf coffee in the decaffeinating process. Roast the decaffeinated coffee with an attention to the character of the original green bean and how the decaffeinating process affects it. Use the coffee within a reasonably short time of when it was roasted. The decaf coffee that BRIDGE COFFEE CO. offers is The Colombian Supremo. It is a high quality designation and milled to European...

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Bridge Coffee Co. Now Offers Subscription Services

You can now subscribe to receive our craft roasted, specialty coffees on a regular schedule and save money. With every subscription, you will save 10% off. The delivery schedule and payment schedule are set by you. You can choose to have your coffee delivered once a week, every 15, 30, or 90 days.  How much coffee should you buy? Every 7 Days You make a pot of coffee every day and you want a supply of fresh roasted coffee available to savor each and every week. Every 15 Days You make a full pot of coffee every other day You make yourself and/or a partner a couple of cups of coffee every day. Every 30 Days This is for the individual that wants to...

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