Running a Coffee Shop Is Hard (And Guess What, That is Part of the Reward)

Knowing how to market your product, manage your finances, staying on top of maintenance are only a few of the challenges you face. And then, the pressure to do great escalates the moment a customer walks in the door.
  1. Crafting a Mission
  2. Development of your Leadership 
  3. Training your Employees
  4. Product Development (Hint, your menu is not your product)
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Social Media | Marketing
  7. Sales | Proposals
  8. Equipment, Supplies, Service, Maintenance
  9. Menu
  10. Plumber, electrician, carpenter, mason, etc.!

And yes, we will roast fresh coffee for your cafe

Amazing specialty grade coffee at great prices.

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Promising quality products and services with love, dignity & respect

You have unique and special services that set you apart. You value quality and pride in your workmanship. Join the special partners who have already chosen to connect with us with similar goals. 

At Bridge Coffee Co., we understand you are suffering with poor quality, stale, burnt, bitter coffee.  We provide the connection you need to get the best fresh coffee roasted you deserve.

Your day is about to get so much better

You are a hero.

While you are enjoying coffee roasted fresh for you by Bridge Coffee Co., you are also connected to the small farm-holders around the world. You, yes you, are making it possible for them to survive and thrive!

Now take a moment to go put on your cape, sit, sip and smile as you enjoy your delicious coffee. Knowing that you are responsible for positive changes being made around the world.

Let Us Help You Run Your Coffee Shop. 

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