New Details on Coffee Transparency

Bridge Coffee Co. is Making the Pledge

We are making the pledge to follow the initiatives in the industry to open up our doors and have a peak behind the curtain of purchasing practices.

The following table helps to understand where our coffee buying practices come from. We want to be open and transparent about our buying-to-sales funnel. However, the prices paid do not fully tell the story of how much a producer would be paid for their coffee. We hope to be at a point that we can help shed the light on ALL of the overhead involved in coffee.

Families depend on the buying and selling of coffee. The price we pay for green coffee helps to not only support the producer, but also the importer, logistics, freight, docks, customs, etc., etc., etc.

We feel every partnership we have developed over the years is a relationship. In the table, the "Relationship Coffee" section is for those coffees we pay directly to the producer. However, keep in mind, that they are then responsible for handling all of the logistics fees and needs.

When is coffee not just coffee? When the cup you buy helps to support millions! Everyone is drinking coffee. we want them to be drinking a better cup of coffee. Your dollars you spend on coffee matter to the world. The better the cup quality, the better the coffee supply chain is supported. The better the supply chain is supported, the better the cup of coffee. This is a legacy I do not know if we will achieve in our generation, but if it takes 7 generations, it is worth it.

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