Specialty Coffee And Its Benefits: A three part series Pt2

Part II

For several people, their day begins with a cup of coffee. This is, in most cases, what jolts their body into action at the start of the day. If you have a routine of always taking at least a cup of coffee in the morning, you are not alone. Around the world, the coffee industry is one of the most important industries that get people going in the morning and help their productivity.

The coffee brands you love so much get their coffee beans from tropical regions all over the world. These coffee brands go to great lengths to get you that exact coffee flavor that keeps your efficiency and energy level high through the course of the day. 

Why You Are Important To The Specialty Coffee Producers

Patronizing coffee producers go a long way in encouraging them to continue producing high quality coffee products. There is nothing as endearing to a person as knowing people are enjoying the work of their hands. You also get to enjoy the feeling of being part of the production process of what keeps you efficient and level-energy for most of the day. There are several reasons why you should consider buying specialty coffee

  1. Supporting Local Businesses: Specialty coffee producers are specialists in their own right. Supporting them by patroning their businesses encourages them to continue to develop high quality coffee products for you. The pursuit of getting that higher quality of life always starts with a cup of your favorite specialty coffee. By patronizing and supporting these specialty coffee producers, you are indirectly maintaining the premium coffee brew you enjoy
  2. Pest Protection: Due to the amount of care to retain the specialty coffee score, specialty coffee producers do not go for the usual pesticides. Unlike commercial coffee producers that use harsh pesticides, specialty coffee producers use the traditional shade-growing method. This directly removes toxic pesticide chemicals that may be harmful to the environment, the farmers and the final consumers.
  3. Sustainable Green Product: Taking specialty coffee helps the environment reduce plastic capsules. You must be familiar with the plastic capsule you get your Keurig coffee in. Getting your bulk specialty coffee helps to keep the non-degradable footprint low.
  4. Ideal Condition: To achieve specialty coffee quality, the coffee beans must have an ideal condition to grow. The right condition contributes moisture content to the beans. The moisture content that specialty coffee beans usually need is between 9-13%. This significantly reduces any chance of mold and mycotoxin growth around the coffee beans.
5. Other Exposure: By patroning specialty coffee producers, you are already protected from other types of exposures you could be prone to while taking commercial coffee. You also get to be the final focus point in the production process. You determine the texture and the concentration of the coffee you are brewing for yourself.

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