TIP - Trauma Intervention Program

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We are excited to partner with the TIP - Trauma Intervention Program organization to help with this very important fundraising drive. 



Coffee Club Subscription

About Bridge: 

Started in 2015, Bridge Coffee Co. specializes in premium grade specialty coffee roasted in small batches on the finest quality equipment available. We are the connection from amazing coffee farmers and producers to the consumer. 

About the Bridge Coffee Co. Coffee Club:

With your coffee club subscription, you will receive something very special and unique. The Roaster's Select is a curated coffee selection of exceptional coffees. You may receive coffees that are not available to no anyone else but our Coffee Club subscribers. 

About the Fundraising Drive:

We will donate 10% of the proceeds to the TIP - Trauma Intervention Program organization’s fundraising efforts. 

How it Works:

Fundraiser Subscribers choose to receive coffee once every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. Each delivery is individually charged to the customer. We will track the deliveries to those customers with a dedicated discount code or dedicated product for your fundraising drive. The ‘Fundraiser's Select’ will cost the customer $15.00. 

Every time a customer receives a bag of coffee, the TIP - Trauma Intervention Program organization receives funds! Instead of only receiving a one time donation, you will receive this money on a regular and consistent basis. (A lot like royalties!) You would receive $1.50 for every customer delivery. 10 bi-weekly subscribers equals $390.00 for the year!

Let's get the TIP - Trauma Intervention Program fundraising needs met!