Origami S Dripper with base

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Perfect Extraction Speed

ORIGAMI dripper Available now.

Beautiful porcelain coffee pour over device with multiple folded sides to allow air to escape as your fresh coffee from Bridge Coffee Co. drips into your favorite mug.

Info from Origami:

Based on the needs of baristas.
That is why our tools make fantastic coffee.
And beautiful coffee.

Vertical gutters of the ORIGAMI dripper stabilize the extraction speed to perfectly extract the flavor of beans.

The vertical gutters of ORIGAMI drippers are designed for the perfect extraction speed - not too quick yet not too slow. Multiple gutters secure the air passage between the dripper and the paper filter which regulates the brew time to enable the extraction with the perfect steaming time.

Porcelain material and cone-shape are perfect for the pour over process.

ORIGAMI drippers are made with Mino Ware which has 400 years of history. Pottery and porcelain have good heat conductivity, and are perfect for the steaming process. Additionally, the perfect "cone-shape" allows ground coffee to be immersed under the hot water for a longer time, absorbing good amount of water. The ground coffee swells fully and aromatically, and enhances the characteristics of the beans to the fullest extent.

Developed in the pursuit of ultimate functionality, the ORIGAMI dripper brings out the natural characteristics of coffee beans.

With the vivid colors and vertical gutters, ORIGAMI drippers look just like the name suggests. 20 creases keep the space between the ORIGAMI dripper and paper filter to ensure the smooth passage of hot water and extraction at various temperatures. You can also control the extract ion speed however you want. Just like the cups & saucers, you can pick and choose from a wide range of colors. The holders to support ORIGAMI drippers are made of wood.

Uses the Hario #1 filter or Kalita #185 filter.

*Brought to you by our partners, Double Shot Coffee Specialists