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Direct Trade - El Salvador Villa España Honey 1

Brighter, fruit juice, mild lemon, peanut, chocolate, malty, and creamy body

Whole bean coffee


This is a very special opportunity and time for us. It has been our sincerest desire to be able to directly partner with a coffee producer. We are delighted to offer this especially fine coffee from the family farmers who happen to have been the 2009 Cup of Excellence recipient.

Our hope is to roast and do this coffee the justice it deserves. It is a wonderful cup. But more special than the coffee may be, are the six generations deep family of wonderful people who are dedicated to their craft.

Alimsa Café

"We are a Salvadoran company, proud of our roots, socially-conscious, and dedicated to the cultivation, process, and export of our coffee. Today, the 6th generation of our family is involved in the business, constantly adapting to the current conditions.

We work hard to produce the finest coffee and at the same time protect the environment and biodiversity. Our size and the fact that we process only our own coffee, allows us to have traceability of the coffee we cultivate. This assures the quality of our product and defines us as a very particular company.

Around 1840, Manuel Ariz leaves the Galician Coast in Spain to “build the America”. Initially he lived in Guatemala and immigrated to El Salvador when he married Josefa Herrera. He established himself in Ahuachapan, where he initiated his passion for the coffee industry. 6 generations later, the Mena Family ownes and manages the coffee plantations with the same passion.

The province of Ahuachapan has some of the best areas to grow coffee in El Salvador, being an important part of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, and it is where our main coffee plantations are. Don Manuel Ariz established his center of coffee growing and processing operations at the Villa España plantation located in the town Concepción de Ataco.

Through the years, his descendants expanded their coffee growing operations to the Santa Ana Volcano and the Bálsamo Mountain range in the La Libertad province, building the Galicia coffee mill in Chalchuapa, the province of Santa Ana. The purpose in moving the milling operations is better climate for processing, excellent road infrastructure for exporting, and abundant sources of water for the wet process."


Alimsa Café


Ataco, Ahuachapan


1,300 meters


Semi-washed/Honey, Dried on Raised Beds, approximately 10 days to dry




February 2015