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Every home should have an Aeropress!


Stainless Steel Reusable Filter - In Stock!


Step 1

Push plunger out of chamber.

Step 2

Put filter in filter cap.

Step 3

Twist filter cap onto chamber.

Step 4

Stand chamber on sturdy mug and put one rounded scoop of fine drip grind coffee in chamber.

Step 5

Shake to level coffee.

Step 6

Add water up to Level 1 on the chamber. 175°F (80°C) water for hot brewing or tap water for cold brew.

Step 7

Stir about 10 seconds for hot brewing or 1 minute for cold brew.

Step 8

Insert plunger and press gently, pausing when you feel resistance, until plunger reaches grounds.

Step 9

Remove filter cap, push plunger to eject used coffee and rinse seal.

Step 10

  • Espresso style:
    • Drink as is.
  • American coffee:
    • Add water to fill an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug.
  • Latte:
    • Add milk to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) latte.
  • Cold brew:
    • Add tap or ice water to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug of cold brew.