Wholesale Upper Deck Blend

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Rich, milk chocolate, orange, hazelnut


3oz, 12oz, 48oz, 80oz

Whole bean or ground

Blending is a unique art. The coffees chosen for the blend must compliment one-another but also add their own character. The goal of blending is to provide a balance of the tasting notes to create an exceptional cup of coffee. 

This is a brew specifically crafted for traditional brewing methods:

Drip, pour-over, press pot

Suggested brewing concentrations:

  • Drip - 2 oz Coffee for 10 cup Coffee Pot (I would suggest investing in a coffee pot that brews at 195f+ for the best extraction of these special coffees).
  • Pour-over - 25 g of coffee to 350 g of filtered 195-205f water.
  • French Press - 22 g of coffee to 340 g of filtered 205f water. Steep for no more/no less than 4 minutes.