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The birthplace of coffee!


Royal Coffee


Sidamo, Harrar, Yirgacheffe


1400-2200 meters





Heirloom varietals


October - January




Ethiopia Sidamo, Harrar, or Yirgacheffe

The Coffee
Instead of picking one region, or a cooperative, or even a single estate, our Ethiopian coffees are chosen from the regions of Sidamo, Harrar, or Yirgacheffe. Ethiopian coffees have such a beautiful variety of flavor profiles and we want to celebrate that. They can be as rich and syrupy as a spoonful of honey, as light and delicate as bergamot, and as sweet as a blueberry muffin! We love this special place on our planet for the beautiful coffees it produces.

The Story
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. A goat herder by the name of Kaldi noticed something special happen in his flock as the animals snacked on this beautiful red fruit. More than eight centuries later, coffee is grown throughout the tropical world and is the second largest traded commodity behind oil. The coffee we choose from Ethiopia will celebrate the wide ranging variety from this wonderful country. It does mean that our Ethiopian offerings will fluctuate from season to season and year to year. In fact, this is another area of coffee to celebrate; the climate and terroir of the producers is so unique.

The Roast
Typically, bean-for-bean, an Ethiopian coffee will be smaller than the varietals grown throughout the rest of the coffee world. As a small, dense coffee, the contact of the roaster surfaces to the bean as it tumbles in the drum will transfer heat to the bean very efficiently and from bean-to-bean quickly. This is a delicate balance of having enough energy to develop the coffee throughout the bean and be prepared for coffee to take off. If the heat accelerates too quickly, the coffee will be under developed and not have the balance of sweetness and origin character we strive for.