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Tasting Notes: Peanut butter, caramel, vanilla, rich ripe peach

     Brazil Campos Altos

    The Coffee
    Founded in 2008, by the entrepreneur, José Maria de Oliveira, Café Campos Altos is synonymous with taste and quality. Our coffee is sown in the city of Campos Altos in Minas Gerais. Its prime location between Atlantic Forest and the Brazilian Cerrado, a savanna biome, coupled with mountainous terrain provides the perfect conditions for cultivating the best seedlings, which results in a high quality coffee with unparalleled aroma and flavor.

    The Story
    Born in 1956 in the city of Campos Altos-MG, Jose Maria de Oliveira at age 16 moved into the Belo Horizonte-MG city, to follow up on his studies. For love for his homeland and following the family tradition in the area of coffee and cattle, in 2004 returned to the city of Campos Altos acquiring the Fazenda Santa Luzia and later the Serrinha and Mirante. They performed several improvements and is now a model farm of innovation, technology and infrastructure, believing in the quality of coffee in the region.

    The Roast
    A relatively soft coffee, The Brazil Campos Altos wants a gentle touch. It is delicate and, fortunately with the roasting equipment we have, we can provide a little gentleness early in the roast. Once the coffee is adequately taking on heat, the coffee’s natural nuttiness and creamy body flourish and are balanced with an equally mild texture and silky mouthfeel. With a smooth body and lasting creamy finish,  this coffee is a perfect cup for every day pleasure.


    Jose Maria de Oliveira in Campos Altos


    Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil


    1200 meters


    Fully natural and dried in the sun





    July - August


    Volcanic Loam


    Rainforest Alliance, UTZ


    Bridge Coffee Co. Recommended Brewing Instructions

    • Pour-Over: 
      • 340g 205f H20 | 28g coffee
      • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
        • Medium Coarse for Chemex
      • 40gm H2O for bloom 
      • At 0:30 seconds, pour 200g H2O
      • At 3:00 minutes, pour 100g H2O
      • 4:00 total brew time
    • French Press
      • 32oz 205f H2O | 56g coffee
      • Coarse Grind (Kosher Salt)
      • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
      • Pour the remaining water and cover with the filter plunger and lid
      • Steep for 4 minutes and plunge
    • Espresso (Generic!)
      • 18g coffee
      • Very Fine Sand Grind
      • 50g Yield
      • 0:27 seconds
    • Aeropress ('Inverted' Method)
      • 220g 195f H2O | 22g coffee
      • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
      • Pull plunger until almost out of the brew chamber
      • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
      • Add the remaining H2O and swirl
      • Wet the filter in cap and attach
      • Invert the assembled Aeropress and place on your serving vessel
      • Pull slightly on the plunger being careful not to pull it out
      • Steep for 2:30 minutes
      • Press for 0:20 seconds
      • Dilute to taste