Mexico Altura HG EP

May 2020 Offering

Mexico Altura HG EP

The Coffee

This Mexican coffee is very different in flavor from other Latin American coffees, such as a citrusy Colombia or a Brazil with a strong peanut butter flavor. The Mexican coffee has rich nutty almond and oat notes. It also has a soft sweetness that comes from it’s honey and molasses flavors.

The Story

This Mexican coffee originates from the two regions of Chiapas and Oaxaca. Historically Chiapas has been the center of coffee production in Mexico, and more recently Oaxaca has become a larger contributor. The coffee is from the AMSA fair trade Coop.

The Roast

As the coffees from the area are so unique, different, and special, so too does the care of them in the roaster. Whereas our coffee from Mexico demands a light and delicate approach, a 2100 meter Guatemala Huehue will take all the heat you can give it. Typically, our Central American coffees are roasted to the point that 1st crack is just ending. This is a rather light roast but well developed. We balance the origin character and the natural sweetness of the cup with a wonderfully balanced body and aroma.

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