Spandrel Steeped Bags

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Tasting Notes: Fudge, molasses, stone fruit


Royal Coffee, Eco-Delight, OurCoffees, Alimsacafe


South America, Central America


Brazil, Colombia, Central America (varies)


Natural, washed, honey


Blended Regions


Specialty Grade


12oz, 3lb, 5lb, Steeped


Full City+, 26% development

The Coffee

With a base of coffee rich in a wonderful nutty smooth character, balanced with milk chocolate notes blended with sweet Africa, bright Central American and rounded with earthy southeast Asia coffee blends, this collection of coffees around the world create a balanced, but subtly complex beverage. Extremely versatile, this coffee tastes great black or as a rich espresso paring great with milk and your choice of sweet desires.

The Story

Each coffee is sourced from specialty-grade arabica coffee farms from the very best growing regions in the world. Each terroir of coffee farmland providing its own unique special character. From microlot, single-family estate coffees, to many generations steeped in tradition, each producer meticulously cares for their crop.  We connect passionate coffee producers with passionate coffee drinkers.

The Roast

This coffee has the full spectrum of soft-to-dense specialty-coffees. And, a completely varied processing method from washed, natural, honey and wet-hulled. Although the variety of coffees creates a unique challenge in roasting, the result is a beautiful bouquet of flavors that blend so perfectly. The roaster applies just enough heat at just the right time to get sufficient energy stored to carry through to a wonderful development of the coffees natural sugars and flavors.