Section 6 - Respecting the Craft of Specialty Coffee

Section 6

24 Coffees from Ethiopia

25 Coffees from Sumatra

26 Coffees from Colombia

27 Coffees from Brazil

28 Coffees From Central America

29 Limited Edition Coffees

30 Thank You - End Credits  

Section 6 Quiz

Respecting the craft. Your participation in this training helps the advancement of specialty coffee. 

You are a hero.

While you are enjoying coffee roasted fresh for you by Bridge Coffee Co., you are also connected to the small farm-holders around the world. You, yes you, are making it possible for them to survive and thrive!

Now take a moment to go put on your cape, sit, sip and smile as you enjoy your delicious coffee. Knowing that you are responsible for positive changes being made around the world.

Thank you for joining us today.

Thank you for joining us today.

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