Bridge Coffee Co.




Small batch coffee roaster in Yuba City, CA

Thank you for visiting the Bridge Coffee Co. online store. Here, you will be able to buy some of the very finest coffee you may have ever enjoyed. We are open for your business.

BRIDGE COFFEE CO. is a 'nano-roaster'. If a 'micro' is to craft, than nano is to obsession. Your coffee is roasted in small batches to order and every special attention to detail is made when preparing your coffee.

Bridge Coffee Co. sources its green coffee with the assistance of respected and trusted individuals in the coffee industry. We all work together to maintain integrity, responsibility and sustainability. Our goal is to connect producers and farmers who spend months at harvest to grow an amazing crop to those that love a truly remarkable cup of coffee.

None of our coffee is flavored. It is all 100% arabica coffee. On the product pages you will see tasting notes that describe the unique, natural characters of these exceptionally fine coffees. 

All coffee is roasted to order and date stamped. You can expect the coffee delivered to you within 3-4 days of placing your order. Free shipping for orders over $50.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your cup from BRIDGE COFFEE CO.!

Tim - Owner

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