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Decaf Royal Select Water Colombia

Tasting Notes: Molasses, fine leather, rich tobacco

Decaf Royal Select Water Colombia

The Coffee
Chosen from the very best Colombia has to offer. Royal Select Water Decaf coffee is sourced from lots that our friends from the Royal team have selected based on cupping evaluations. A surprisingly rich cup of coffee with deep molasses flavor, bakers chocolate, and hints of vanilla & white pepper.

The Story
After selection, the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The beans are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the coffee’s particular flavor. We have not seen the coffee selections chosen for a decaf as fine as what Royal has to offer on such a consistently great basis.

The Roast
At the hands of a small batch, craft coffee roaster, decaf coffee has all the potential to be a great tasting cup. Roasting a decaf coffee is particularly challenging. After the coffee is soaked in water, the cellular structure of the coffee changes. These changes affect the coffee in the roaster and how it takes on heat. Without strict care, the coffee roast profile can accelerate quickly into the stratosphere. With attention to the roast profile of the selected coffee, and giving the coffee the patience to develop in the roast, the origin and character of even a decaffeinated coffee can be celebrated. Unique qualities and tasting notes are possible, in a decaf!


Royal Coffee




Natural Water Process


12 oz and 5 lb bags


Bridge Coffee Co. Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • Pour-Over: 
    • 340g 205f H20 | 28g coffee
    • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
      • Medium Coarse for Chemex
    • 40gm H2O for bloom 
    • At 0:30 seconds, pour 200g H2O
    • At 3:00 minutes, pour 100g H2O
    • 4:00 total brew time
  • French Press
    • 32oz 205f H2O | 56g coffee
    • Coarse Grind (Kosher Salt)
    • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
    • Pour the remaining water and cover with the filter plunger and lid
    • Steep for 4 minutes and plunge
  • Espresso (Delicious!)
    • 18g coffee
    • Very Fine Sand Grind
    • 45g Yield
    • 0:27 seconds
  • Aeropress ('Inverted' Method)
    • 220g 195f H2O | 22g coffee
    • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
    • Pull plunger until almost out of the brew chamber
    • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
    • Add the remaining H2O and swirl
    • Wet the filter in cap and attach
    • Invert the assembled Aeropress and place on your serving vessel
    • Pull slightly on the plunger being careful not to pull it out
    • Steep for 2:30 minutes
    • Press for 0:20 seconds
    • Dilute to taste