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Sumatra Aceh

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, peat, cherry

Sumatra Aceh

The Coffee
This coffee is triple-picked, the highest sorting grade, which means that the cherries have gone through defect removals three times before processing. Classically Sumatran, the coffee is wet hulled (known locally as “Giling Basah”). Usually some form of depulping first takes place, followed by a brief drying period to reduce moisture to anywhere between 20-45%. The coffee is then delivered to the mill, where the parchment is removed while still damp, and the coffee completes its drying as the raw green seed. Sumatra coffees are known for the ‘bridge’ coffee introducing specialty coffee to the average coffee drinker.

The Story
Indonesia is made up of thousands of volcanic islands. Sumatra to the northwest, has some of the larger islands within Indonesia. Aceh in the north, has fertile volcanic soil with lush vegetation and jungles. Frequently rocked by earthquakes, the region is still reeling and recovering from the devastating tsunami more than a decade ago. The coastal ports and infrastructure that were so badly struck, corruption and challenging social economics, and wildly different trade policies have made exporting coffee complicated year after year.

The Roast
Long known as the coffee to roast “dark”, Sumatran coffees have a very distinctive earthy character. Done well, a ‘dark-roast’ Sumatra coffee with cream and sugar can have a really pleasant, balanced taste. Far too often, Sumatra coffees are roasted to a black piece of oily mess that tastes like ash and burnt rubber. Treated more gently and coaxed with a soft touch, a surprising tasting note of cherry cola could be waiting for the shocked coffee drinker to enjoy. We roast our Sumatra coffee in a very unique way looking to enhance that sweetness and offset the salinity and earthy minerality.


Royal Coffee


Small farms and Cooperatives


Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia


1200-1600  meters


Wet hulled and dried in the sun



Bourbon, catimor, and typica


June through December


Volcanic Loam