Limited Edition Coffee Club

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Subscription Service includes 10% Discount

Limited edition - special and unique coffees.

LIMITED EDITION coffees are selections with a remarkable attention to detail by every step of the coffee cultivation to roasting process.

Occasionally, I get limited quantities of exceptional coffees from premiere growing regions around the world. Panama, Kenya, India, Java, Yemen, Burundi, just to name a few. 

These coffees are roasted just to the point of maximizing the flavor profile of the coffee. Typically, this is a light, to light-medium roast.

Whole bean coffee

12oz bags

Subscribe & Save 10%

Subscribe to the Bridge Coffee Club and you will save 10%, have fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door, and always have great coffee on hand. (Remember too, we have free shipping to the Yuba City/Marysville area!)

With your coffee club subscription, you will receive something very special and unique. The Limited Edition are exceptionally rare and are a curated coffee selection of spectacular coffees. You may receive coffees that are not available to anyone else but our Coffee Club subscribers.  

Bridge Coffee Co. Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • Pour-Over: 
    • 340g 205f H20 | 28g coffee
    • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
      • Medium Coarse for Chemex
    • 40gm H2O for bloom 
    • At 0:30 seconds, pour 200g H2O
    • At 3:00 minutes, pour 100g H2O
    • 4:00 total brew time
  • French Press
    • 32oz 205f H2O | 56g coffee
    • Coarse Grind (Kosher Salt)
    • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
    • Pour the remaining water and cover with the filter plunger and lid
    • Steep for 4 minutes and plunge
  • Espresso (Generic!)
    • 18g coffee
    • Very Fine Sand Grind
    • 50g Yield
    • 0:27 seconds
  • Aeropress ('Inverted' Method)
    • 220g 195f H2O | 22g coffee
    • Medium Fine Grind (Table Salt)
    • Pull plunger until almost out of the brew chamber
    • Pour enough water to cover the coffee and swirl
    • Add the remaining H2O and swirl
    • Wet the filter in cap and attach
    • Invert the assembled Aeropress and place on your serving vessel
    • Pull slightly on the plunger being careful not to pull it out
    • Steep for 2:30 minutes
    • Press for 0:20 seconds
    • Dilute to taste