Let's share a story from our producers in Brazil - Translated

Farmer names: Jose Maria de Oliveira (principal)  -  Nathalia Oliveira Azzi and Ronaldo Azzi
Farms name:  Fazenda Santa Luzia ; Fazenda Serrinha : Fazenda Mirante : Fazenda Gabriela (1.000 acres)
City - State: Campos Altos - Minas Gerais
Varieties: Bourbon (red-yellow), Catuai (red- yellow), Acaia, Topazio, Catiguar, Icatu.
Elevation of farm: 1.100 - 1.250m 
Processing: Natural ; Pulped Natural ; Honey ; Raised Bed : Eco-Washed.
Growing Region of Brazil: Cerrado Mineiro  
Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, 4C (GPC)

OUR FAMILY is been involved with coffee for many generations, not as landlords, but as coffee pickers. Nowadays, in a history of overrun we own a vertically integrated model company that goes from the coffee farms (growing, harvesting, drying, high-tech milling and sorting facilities),passing to our exportation company(Cafe Campos Altos-Coffee Export) goes to a importation company called Our Coffees which has office-lab and warehouses based in Walnut Creek - CA - USA.  

It is matter to say that our family history starts as coffee pickers because like a blood genetics we, sons, can feel a connection with the land that possibly no one has. A passion that move us to be very focus on best and high quality coffee with no environment impact. 

Through the unique and exclusive vertical model of our family is bringing the coffee that with passion produces for the hands of cafés and roasters around the USA, That relationship created a new word: DIRECT RELATIONSHIP COFFEE (DRC). This is meaning more then just buy direct from the producer (what we are), it's meaning that the producer is involve in the whole supply chain, with no intermetiators and brokers, making the coffee fair, the chain transparent, and helping real people to improve they life condition as our currently team of coffee pickers and families workers with us, to give them a chance to build more cases like ours. 

OUR FARMS are in a very blessed area the only city in whole country where the Atlantic Forest, the rain forest from Brazil, converge with the Cerrado Mineiro, Designation of Origin for Brazilian coffees, so we combine both biomes, the good condition os precipitation from the forest and acidity from de Cerrado Mineiro soil, everything in a 1.200 -1250mts altitude, what make the temperature cools down to 50F at nights. Not irrigate, and  fully certified RainForest Alliance and UTZ.

The farms also count with huge cements patios dryer and with a modern and high-tech miller to to sorting beans using tables sorting and infrared laser machinery's. The area is totally mapped and our coffees are traceable. We bring consistency to your cup.
The farms are always open to receive and to stay with us having a chance to be introduce to our VERTICALLY INTEGRATED MODEL.
OUR SOCIAL PROJECTS consist in help the community around the farm, encourage them to dream big and improve their condition of life.  We build the senior home for the city, we also are giving computer classes to our team and their kids. We shared love with our Christmas to more then 300 families for many years. (link to video attached) 
Now a days, I am living in USA bring the farm for who can not go there, I am available to any painel, meetings, speech about life farm, sustainability, traceability, harvest and dry process, and anything to help your company to advertise and market, and your team and clients with information from farm direct with the producer.
Ronaldo Azzi

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