What's the difference with fresh roasted coffee?

In the midst of having a great discussion about coffee, origins, flavor profiles, nuances, and all the wonderful things about coffee that I love, a friend asked, "what's the difference with fresh roasted coffee"? I'll admit, I take it for granted that I have had the pleasure of enjoying fresh roasted coffee for many years. And that, most people have no idea what it is really like. 

I told him that is something very difficult to describe. The best way I could put it; it was like always having had stale potato chips and never ever having the experience of open that fresh bag, that wonderful fragrance which is so thick you can almost feel the molecules' weight as it enters your nose upon opening that fresh bag of chips. 

However, if your entire life, you have never had that experience, you can only relate to what you know.

I enjoy all cups of coffee, whether its Yuban to Starbucks, I will drink it. And I will actually enjoy it (despite the teasing I get from my wife.). But I have no expectation from drinking coffee. Any coffee. Without those expectations, I remain satisfied and fulfilled by an average, mediocre cup of coffee.

My friend here, has only enjoyed the average and has no expectations because of his lack of experience and knowledge. 

This is where the 'coffee snob' was born. Those of us who have tasted greatness in coffee, know what it is like. And it becomes a hunger. You LONG for that exceptional cup of coffee. Many have now lifted their noses at the less worthy and mediocre coffee of old. But, I must warn, if you have tasted greatness, bitterness and envy can set in quickly without contentment. Be content with what you have always enjoyed. Don't give up riding a bike just because you learned how to drive a car. 

My hope is that you too can enjoy a nice cup, albeit average-cheap-mediocre, and have the pleasant surprise of opening a bag of fresh roasted coffee that only you can describe to yourself. For it is your experience to have. 


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