Bridge Coffee Co. is a craft roasted, small batch coffee roaster. The coffee is hand selected, cupped, and profiled utilizing the highest quality green coffee beans. Each coffee bean is selected from specific regions for their individual flavor profiles. And each lot is roasted to maximize the benefit of the coffee‘s character.

My name is Tim and I have over 10 years of coffee roasting experience. In addition, I am a paramedic with 25 years of experience in emergency service. I LOVE COFFEE!

It is important to me to tell you the bridge we have as lover’s of coffee connects us to these selected farmers who love to cultivate the very best crop. Bridge Coffee Co. is my dream to provide you with coffee that is delicious, has character, and sourced from farmers with the same attention to detail you expect from a fine product.


  • Tim Styczynski

    Though, I believe that technology can be used as tools like any other instrument, the more we depend on automation and computers to run our lives, the less we benefit from the individuals who have dedicated years to develop their skills to deliver the goods. “Craft” products are those created by folks with a passion and desire to utilize their gifts to help others and create a more memorable, personal product. In the end, the customer is treated with a product better tailored to their needs.
    My wife is an Enrolled Agent and does taxes. She has dedicated years to understanding tax code and why things are the way that they are. This parallels what I call ‘craft’. You may be able to file a tax return perfectly fine with Turbo Tax, and most are pleased with the results.
    There are intangible benefits of entrusting your purchases with experts that can solve, resolve, and provide answers, solutions, and a product you did not know was possible.
    I had purchased a pair of boots from a very reputable company. They had recently gone through a growth in the company and clearly went to a more automated production line. The boots I ordered were an exact duplicate of a smaller size. Unfortunately, as my foot is longer than the average, my ankle is not proportionally larger. This has given me a boot that is unwearable. Would a shoe cobbler have provided me with the boot I needed and fit in the first place? Will a tailor fit you for a suit that sits comfortably and correctly on your frame?
    As a craft coffee roaster, I am able to work with green coffee and bring out characteristics and qualities best suited for you. I have and will, roast coffee for a specific client because of personal preference. That being said, I have my own identity as a craft coffee roaster that I impart into those qualities of the green coffee.

  • Dewey

    So, I often hear the term “craft coffee” being applied to businesses such as yours…please explain.

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